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24+ years of experience refreshing websites 

What we do

Leave it all to us

Complete website services

  • Website designed professionally
  • Super-fast 5GB Joomla webhosting
  • Access to licensed premium components
  • Technical support included 24/7
Additional services

ready to help your business

  • Graphic design
  • Video editing
  • Video tutorial creation
  • Moodle Educational Platform
  • Software development
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Super-fast Webhosting

  • Web Server:
    • 5GB Web hosting tuned to load your Joomla pages super fast using LiteSpeed  Web Server.
    • Automatic Backups and Imunify360 to protect your data from corrupted files or hacking attempts.
  • Premium Licensed Components:
    • You get free access to our Premium components which are updated constantly to prevent security gaps and reducing risk of attacks on your website. 
      These components include:
      • YooTheme Page Builder
      • JCE editor
      • Sitemaps
      • RS Forms Pro
      • And many more!
    • Clients won't be able to add components or plug-ins on  their own so we make sure everyone's data is safe. We only install tested components from developers that constantly fix and upgrade their components.
  • Web Design:
    • Professionally designed website using royalty-free images from renowned providers like Twenty20 and Unsplash.
    • Website designed in Yootheme's Page Builder that fits all screen sizes automatially creating your responsive site really quick and delivering a pleasing user experience on both ends: yours and your clients'.
    • We set up and configure components like sitemaps, custom forms, documents downloads, photo galleries, etc.
  • We are here for you:
    • You get basic training on the use of your website.  We'll teach you how to manage the components,  how to create your own forms, slideshows, galleries, etc.
    • If you have any questions your'll always be able to reach us via email and you'll always have a reply
    • Tech support included 24/7 in case the site gets offline, or any technical issue that will affect traffic to your website.
The Price


  • 1st year: 2,000USD includes web design, 1st year of web hosting and configuration. We use high quality photos from paid subscriptions 
  • Renewals at 300USD per year includes hosting, tech support and licenses of the premium components we install for your use (clients cannot install components)
  • Hosting service include these services: Tech support, automatic backups, automatic component updates, and help to teach you how to manage your own site.
  • Hosting service does not include: content updates, photos, photo editing, graphic design, video editing, video production, etc. These are services hired on demand and charged per hour.
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Our Friends and Clients

Other Services

Other services you can hire us for:

  • Graphic design for brochures, logos, branding manuals, photo editing, photo restoration, etc.
  • Video editing, video tutorials scripting, filming and production.
  • Royalty-free music tracks.
  • Social media managing, planning, campaigns and posts creation
  • Spanish-Portuguese-English Translations
Post-paid hours

60.00 USD

Billed every 3 hours.

Pre-paid hours

50.00 USD

Billed 10 hours at a time.

  • Pre-paid hours never expire and we deliver a report of hours spent on each plan.
  • We use 1 minute as the minimum unit, we don't round it up and don't charge research time.
  • We use our own timer and it will depend on good faith of both parts.
  • Client can pre-pay hours. Hours not consumed won't expire and are counted with 1 minute as minimum unit.

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