Not a lap dog

No sitting waiting for you to give orders. Big Up! offers full consultancy and expertise since day zero.
You hire, Big Up! takes domain of the situation.

Skills for hire

  • Web: Responsive websites, Databases, Analytics, SEO, AMP pages.
  • Software Development: Custom applications from simple database driven apps to complex software with PHP, Jquery, JSON, MySQLi
  • Anti-hack: Solution against websites defacements other vulnerabilites that have suffered or might
  • Social Networks: Graphic identity, Posts and scheduled posts, Analytics, Laboratories, Advertising, Community creations and management
  • Graphics and Photos: Graphic designs for web, social media, print and banners and Professional panoramic photographs and virtual tours
  • Referrals: If there's something we can't do, we find the expert who will


  • Joomla site with components installed, updated, and maintained by us 24/7
  • 5.00USD monthly per GB, 5GB minimum
  • Highspeed Litespeed cache for faster loading times
  • Technical support via Whatsapp

Email accounts

  • As low as 2.40USD monthly per GB, 1GB minimum
  • Webmail access
  • IMAP/POP with SSL/TLS secure access
  • Email set up and configuration support


  • Monitored and updated components by us
  • Fast litespeed cache configuration for content delivery in a few seconds
  • Technical support online via whatsapp
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Owner of Big Up! Rush Alvarado

Need Help?

Ticket system

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