Surveymonkey and the new way to steal your money

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Surveymonkey, plays a dirty game.

Once you think you trust them and like their product, you have no chance to really test the product other than applying to a 35$ monthly plan because all the others are annual based.

Once you pay the first dollar, there's no refund policy.  Even when 99% of the online stores offers some kind of refund policy, Surveymonkey simply says that you should have read their terms and conditions to steal your money.

PLEASE don't use them. There are other options like google forms, typeform, riddle.  give them a look before banging your head against the wall because these people are stealing your money.

UPDATE:  Thank God I used Paypal for this.  Even if they don't offer a refund and if you paid via Paypal, go directly to claims and place a claim.  They will have some days to reply but in the end, Paypal will grant you the refund. Surveymonkey isn't making ethical business.

Dirty Business, Surveymonkey

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