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Wordpress or Joomla!

Mini Hosting

Perfect for small sites

better than a flat landing page!

Actors, designers, models, journalists, small businesses! This is for you and for anyone who need a landing page to have some presence.

This will allow you to have a small website, email, and the beautiful Yootheme Page Builder available for you to use.

Annual cost: 160.00 USD


  • 1GB diskspace for website and email:
    Perfect for small businesses.  You can use this space for email and hosting, you decide how much to assign. You can have as many email accounts your account can handle. If you need more space, contact us.

  • 24-7 Monitoring system: 
    Monitoring and server tech support.  Our team will jump in and solve technical issues that could affect the uptime of our services and you won't even notice.

  • Weekly backups:
    Full backups and easy restores. We perform a weekly full backup and an incremental backup in the middle of the week in case that you need to rollback or recover your website.

  • Litespeed Web Server:
    For super-fast content delivery.  Litespeed Web Server loads your pages fast allowing to reduce display time and improve Google Ranking.

  • Pre-installed YooTheme:
    We will deliver a fresh blank wordpress site with Yootheme (licensed) installed.  If you don't know how to use it, we'll teach you how with 1 online meeting and access to a series of lessons.

Additional Services

Offered separatedly
  • Website design:
    We will take your project as our own. We will create your website according to your needs and goals and will help you touch the ground running.  Contact us for a quotation.

  • Email accounts with Google Workspace:
    If you'd like to have more space on your email, you can get a Google Workspace Starter account at 78.00USD per account per year. This is the account that has it all.  With 30GB of storage space, you gain access to the tools like documents and spreadsheets and store them in the cloud with Google Drive.

  • Content management:
    Need help? we will jump in and help you develop the content you need tailor-made for you and your business.

  • Video tutorials creation / production:
    Do you need to train your staff? Do you need to create an institutional video to explain what you do? We will produce and create a video with premium stock photos and videos to help you stand out and reach further.

  • Graphic Design:
    Do you need a logo? or What about a poster to promote your business? We will design it specially for you delivered on high quality PDF files for you to take and print right away.

Does NOT Include:

  • Content management:
    This is a separate service you can hire us for.

  • Superadmin rights:
    To prevent the installation of risky components, we will give you admin rights and will handle the super admin tasks for you. This will guarantee our promise of a good service and will protect you and all our clients from faulty components.

  • Access to Cpanel:
    We will manage the cpanel account including databases, crontabs, domains, domain aliases, ssl certificate installations and more.

  • Ownership of licenses:
    All the components come with the hosting. If you migrate the website to another hosting provider we will remove the subscription key from the components and you'll have to get your own to keep them updated.