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Why Yootheme?

Wh...What is Yootheme?

Yootheme is a page builder that works as a template for Joomla or theme for Wordpress but adds a whole layer of elements with a friendly panel that allows you to create attractive and responsive websites with little effort.

A Swiss-Army Knife for websites

Yootheme Pro works as a theme or template. As soon as you install it, you have a very similar panel where you can drag and drop elements, configure them, change the styling.

You can pick any of the available styles and then customize them to you own colors, fonts, and branding.

And they also provide templates so you have a starting point and then just replace, move, edit or delete pre-built sections or elements.

Works on Joomla AND Wordpress?!

There's no much difference between the two versions of Yootheme Pro. There are inherent characteristics that depend on the CMS but in the end

Wordpress sample

This is the Yootheme page builder for the site of the Panamanian Golf Association.

Joomla Sample

This is the Yootheme pae builder for the new SALA-SEEM website.  You can read about the UX Research for this website on my portfolio.

The real difference resides on the dynamic contents and integrations.  There's a slight preference of the developers of Wordpress over Joomla.

For example, if you use certain plugins for Wordpress like WooCommerce you'll see that you have access to the products listed on the WooCommerce store.

This does not sets Wordpress or Joomla as one better than the other. In this moment they are both Yootheme Pro.

Elementor, a hipsters' favorite

Yootheme vs. Elementor

Hipsters will hate.  LOL!

Elementor is like a more complex way of a Page Builder than Yootheme.  It does has more elements and an unnecessary complexity that isn't a good fit for beginers.

There's also something I don't like at all and it's the fact that some website have a theme like BeTheme laid over Elementor, which at the same time lays over Wordpress.

We've had so many problems with this combo of BeTheme and Elementor where you can lose all your work with a single click without a chance to recover it from the deads.  This is a huge obstacle that if it isn't  fixed properly you'll be banging your head on the walls.

Yootheme, on the other part, already gives you the style panel where you can change everything on your site like colors, fonts, roundness of borders, different versions of cards, sections and the list goes on.

If you make a mistake you can go back to defaults and try again or pick another starter style from the options available and keep playing.