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SEO PowerSuite, the new tool for SEO

Powerful and Free

Yes. Free

SEO PowerSuite is a one-stop SEO toolkit.  This Suite consists of 4 applications such as:

  • Rank Tracker: Rank monitoring, Analysis of competition, keywords ideas
  • Website Auditor: Competitive audits, technical issues, suggestions
  • SEO Spyglass: backlinks and suggestions on where to place them
  • Link Assistant: Link prospecting and an assistant to keep track of your planning.

This amazing tool is free to use with certain limitations but it is still very complete.  If you are starting on SEO or if you have a small website for your company and want to try ranking the site on your own, this is the tool.

Compared to SemRush the first thing that calls our attention is the price. While SemRush costs around 130.00USD monthly for the pro tool, SEO PowerSuite is free.

If we compare the free versions of the two, Both are very similar but SEO PowerSuite gives you more information that otherwise in SemRush would be available only with subscription.

SemRush pro will let you have 5 projects while SEO PowerSuite won't limit you at all even at the free version.

The free version of SEO PowerSuite won't let you save your projects so every time you check it, you need to use as the very first time.

Prices for SEO PowerSuite jump from zero to 56 per year to 1396 per year. The main differences of the 3 are the ability to save projects and to schedule tasks.  Check more about it on the pricing of SEO PowerSuite page.

SEO PowerSuite Compared to AHrefs and SemRush

According to G2, Ahrefs vs. SEO Powersuite page show very similar numbers in almost every feature.  I used both and they even give you the same feeling when using them.

Comparing SemRush vs. SEO Powersuite gives SemRush a slight advantage over SEO Powersuite.  In my opinion the GUI of SemRush is way more friendlier than SEO PowerSuite.

The fact that SEO PowerSuite has 4 separate tools confuses me a little and when you are starting to get along the navigation of the site it can make you feel lost.

I'd recommend you to get the mini-training videos to understand the tool.

About Website Auditor

Website Auditor is part of SEO PowerSuite and offers you an insight of how well are you doing and what you should do.

Website Auditor has the "Content Audit" toold that shows good information about your keywords, how many repetitions you should do on your content and information like what's the average count for that specific keyword on competitors' pages.

In the End

(it doesn't even matter)

In the end, I ended up using the free versions of Ahrefs, SemRush and SEO PowerSuite for a week or so. 

I feel like there's information you can trust more on SemRush than the other 2 but you can still compare them and find out things that SemRush didn't show.

One thing I really didn't like about SEO PowerSuite is that whenever you want to integrate Google into your Suite, you need to put your password on their pop-up instead of opening the usual google pop-up and login there as API.

I still think this is a good tool, I'll keep the free version for some time now and let's see if it replaces my Ahref or SemRush